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PCKent 2 : Update 

This update combines all the corrections and additions made since the very first version of PCKent 2.
It runs on "Windows XP" and following, and also on Mac with the corresponding emulators.


Instructions :

WARNING : first, do a full backup of your "PCKent2" folder!

  1. Click on the link displayed at the top of this frame to save the "PCK22M_MAJ.zip" file in your PCKent2 folder. (By default, C:\Program Files\PCKent2).
  2. Unzip it, and save the resulting "PCK22M_MAJ.exe" file in the same folder.
  3. If you are using Windows XP, simply run the "PCK22M_MAJ.exe" file.
    If you are using Windows Vista or later, you must run this program in administrator mode. To do this, right-click on it, then choose "Run as administrator".
  4. Finally, restart PCKent (in administrator mode if you're on Windows Vista or later), and wait for the update process to complete.




PCKent 2 : version 2.2.M
December 18 2018

  • Free Library - the following books have been added:
    • "Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica" : volumes 9 et 10.
    • "Systématisation Pratique de la Matière Médicale Homoeopathique" by Alphonse Teste - French.
    • "Traité Homoeopathique des Maladies Aigues et Chroniques des Enfants" by Alphonse Teste - French.
  • Remedies' Properties Editing: when a remedy's property is removed from the remedies' properties management window, or when it is converted from "Exclusive" or "Cumulative" type to "Folder" type, it is removed from the properties list of each PCKent remedy.
  • Remedies Editing: when a remedy is removed (and after confirmation), it is deleted from all the rubrics in which it is present. Its drug relationships are removed. However, it remains present in the relationships of the remedies which reference it, but in the form of plain text, and no longer in the form of a link on which you can click.
  • Optimization of the functions managing the usage history of rubrics in patient records, which prevents a slowdown of the addition or deletion of a rubric to the current portrait when there has been a very large number of modifications in the repertory.
  • Declination of PCKent in several versions: an important update of the protection system and of the management of the PCKent functionalities will soon allow to propose more or less "light" versions of PCKent, and thus, we hope, to touch a wider audience. (The unlock keys that have been given so far remain valid and still give full access to all the features of PCKent; only the new temporary keys will determine certain limits...)


  • ToolTips: Fixed the positioning of tooltips on multi-screen systems.
  • Correction of the position and size of the PCKent window on multi-monitor systems (when launching PCKent, previous position and size of the PCKent window were sometimes badly restored).
  • Remedies' properties:
    • removing any duplication of remedies properties (nep-m., pra-o., seq., trif-r., yt.);
    • removing all "Description" properties from remedies' properties list (seq., tax-d.);
    • removing the "World -> Other" property from remedies : Lith-b, Lith-br, Lith-chl, Lith-g, Lith-i, Lith-l, Lith-m, Lith-o, Lith-s, Lith-sal, Lut-o, Metho-n, Morp-ac, Morp-m, Morp-s, Mur-ac;
    • removing the "World -> Animal" property from Nepe;
    • removing the "Family -> Botanical -> Dichapetalaceae" property from Nicc-m;
    • adding the "World -> Chemical" and "Family-> Composition -> Lithium" properties to Lith;
    • removing the "Family -> Botanical -> Lichen" property from Lith-p;
    • adding the "World -> Vegetal" property to Lob;
    • adding the "World -> Vegetal" and "Family -> Botanical -> Lobeliaceae" properties to Lob-p.


PCKent 2 : version 2.2.L
June 18 2018

  • Request Module: queries on remedies are now available.
  • Request Module: queries on authors are now available.
  • Update of the Remedies Relations, which come from the 5th edition of Edouard Broussalian's Kent repertory.
  • Remedies Editing: the remedies relations editing sub-module is now available.
  • Remedies Editing: now you can do a "Shift + Right Clic" over the remedies list.


  • Remedies Module: fixed a display problem of the frames titles on the Properties tab. When the PCKent zoom was greater than 100%, the calculation of the size of these titles was not adapted, so that there was an overlap with the text below.
  • Remedies Module: using a double click to automatically resize a column of the results window, made the width of the column too short by 5 pixels. This is now fixed.
  • Request Module - Results window : it is no longer possible to reduce the size of a column to less than 50 pixels.
  • Remedies Module - Relations tab: when a remedy was removed from the remedies list, while it was present in a remedies relation, PCKent crashes when trying to display it. This is now fixed.


PCKent 2 : version 2.2.K
November 14 2017

  • Request Module: when the calculation of a query has been interrupted by pressing the Esc key, the title bar's text of the results frame is completed by the mention ("CTRL + Go button" to resume).


  • Rubrics Editing: when deleting a rubric having opposition links, a confusion between the absolute number of the referenced rubrics and their position in the repertory caused the deleted rubric to not be removed from the opposition links list of the referenced rubrics. On the other hand, the opposition links of the rubrics whose position in the repertory match the absolute number of the referenced rubrics were replaced by those of the latter. This critical issue, which occurred only in version 2.2.J, is now fixed.
  • Library: when using 2 or more screens of different resolutions, displaying the library caused PCKent to crash, either in the library module or under the "Library" tab of the remedies module. This is now fixed.


PCKent 2 : version 2.2.J
October 30 2017

  • Library: adding volume 8 of "Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica" by C. Hering - English (FREE).
  • Library: adding volume 1, 2 and 3 of "Doctrine et Traitement Homoeopathique des Maladies Chroniques" by S. Hahnemann - French (FREE)
  • Request Module: queries on repertory's rubrics are now available. Now, you can search for all the rubrics that meet many criteria (text, remedies, generalization or opposition links, properties, modifications, etc.). The results can be displayed int the Repertory module or in the Editing module.
  • Request Module: adding a button to export the results of the current query, in TXT format, either in the clipboard or in a file. The fields are separated from each other by a tab, so it is easy to reformat the data under a word processor.
  • Request Module: in the window displaying the results of the current query, the maximum display length of a field was 1500 characters. It now goes to 3000 characters per field; which may be useful, albeit insufficient, for consultation notes. The horizontal scroll bar also allows you to browse a much larger amount of data. Although the number of characters displayed in this results window is limited, this is not the case when exporting these data, which are then transferred in their entirety.
  • Rubrics Editing: adding a submodule to display the history of the selected rubric.Thus you can find all the changes made on the selected rubric.
  • Rubrics Editing: now, before deleting a rubric, PCKent performs many verifications, and asks for extra confirmation if this rubric is included in one or more patient portraits, and / or generalization links, and / or opposition links.
  • Generalization/Opposition Links: slight modification of the order of the links. PCKent first displays the links pointing in the same chapter as the selected rubric; then the links going outside the current chapter, but belonging to the same section; and finally the links pointing out of the current section. What's new is that within each of these 3 categories, the order of the links follows the order of the repertory.
  • Generalization/Opposition Links Editing: so far, when a rubric was added to the generalization / opposition links frame, it appeared at the end of the list. From now on, it is inserted in order to respect the repertory's order.
  • Generalization/Opposition Links Editing: an additional frame, located at the bottom right of the window, displays a list of rubrics that have a link to the locked rubric, but that are not referenced by this locked rubric.
  • General Index, frame displaying the patient's portrait rubrics: the right mouse button no longer allows you to drag and drop portrait rubrics. This function is now exclusively assigned to the left mouse button. Dragging the mouse from one rubric to another, with the right mouse button down, selects the above or below rubric, but no longer move it.
  • Patient's Portrait: when a patient's portrait contains a rubric that has been deleted from the repertory, it is displayed in red (in the "Consultation" tab of the patient records module; in the  patient's portrait frame of the general index module; in the repertorization grid). The rubric(s) deleted from the repertory are always displayed and taken into account in the global classifying algorithm of the grid, but not in the cross references activated during the generalization process.
  • Editing Module: in the editing module, doing a "Ctrl + Right Click" on a generalization link, on an opposition link, or on the asterisk associated to a rubric's note, allows you to switch to the corresponding editing submodule, and to point the data of the involved rubric.
  • Dictionary check: this tool now detects and corrects the sub-occurrence counter of words that are not directly present in a given rubric, but that are inherited (Occ.Book). The detection and correction of word inheritance is also improved (Occ.HeritedCnt).
  • Request Module: Improvement of the date entry fields, which now allow a partial date entry. Ex: if you perform a search like "BEFORE 2000" (without specifying the month or the day), PCKent will automatically replace "2000" by "01/01/2000". If you do a search like "AFTER 2000", PCKent will replace "2000" by "31/12/2000". The dates are also completed automatically if you indicate a month and a year, but no day (Ex: 05/2000).
  • Patient Records: the dialog box allowing to export patient records is enriched with an additional option allowing to reverse the output order of consultations (therefore exporting consultations from the oldest to the most recent).


  • History : sometimes, unnecessary history lines were generated. These lines are tracked and deleted by this update. And the problem is fixed.
  • History : correction of small history encoding bugs.
  • Correction of the General Valorization calculation, which did not take into account the 4th degree remedies.
  • Repertory : in English, when a rubric had several generalization links, they were displayed in the same order as in French. Now the links are displayed in the order of the directory corresponding to the active language.
  • Windows displaying searched rubrics (general index or editing modules): when you clicked or double-clicked below the last item of the list, the last item of the list was selected. This is no longer the case (the selected item remains the same).
  • Rubrics Editing: when you double-clicked on the separator bar located between the window displaying the list of searched rubrics, and the frame of the notes / generalization links / opposition links, the rubric placed under the mouse at the moment the button was released for the second time, or the last rubric displayed in the list of searched rubrics, became the selected rubric. This is now fixed.
  • Rubrics Editing: in the synoptic plans management pane, the "Extra" box was unduly checked for some very rare rubrics (5), even though they inherited their value from their parent rubric. This visual bug, without consequences, is now fixed.
  • Rubrics Editing: in the synoptic plan management pane, when the "Inheritance" button was unchecked, the value of the rubric was recalculated, but its display was not refreshed. This is now fixed.
  • General Index: during a search using a filter (symbol #), on very fex occasions PCKent displayed results corresponding to keywords, but without taking the filter into account. This is now corrected.
  • Requests for patient records: a search that included the "Consultation notes" field twice (for example, to determine the beginning AND end of the field) most often resulted in PCKent crashes. This problem is now solved.
  • Requests for patient records: when there was no result from a query on patient records, a click or "Ctrl + Click" or "Shift + Click" in the results window resulted in a PCKent crash. This is now fixed.
  • Checking rubrics: correction of functions involved in inserting a new blank rubric (when the rubric's level is shifted). New behaviour of PCKent when two items have the same absolute number (it no longer deletes the duplicate, but replicates the rubric).
  • Checking the dictionnary: after a dictionary correction, the size of the offsets file was not updated, which could cause a few words to appear or disappear at the end of the words list. This is now fixed.
  • Rubrics Editing: Splitting a rubric into a general rubric and a sub-rubric was malfunctioning when the text of the rubric contained a comma immediately preceded by a space. This is now fixed. In addition, the update 2.2.J removes all unnecessary spaces (at the beginning and at the end of the text, in case of multiple spaces, or when a space precedes a comma) on all PCKent rubrics, but also when creating or modifying a rubric.
  • Doing a "Ctrl + Right Click" on a generalization / opposition link, or on the asterisk of a rubric's note, did not work properly, mainly because PCKent was switching to the editing module at the time the mouse button was pressed, and once on the editing module, triggered another action when releasing the mouse button. This is now corrected by the fact that the "Ctrl + Right Click" is taken into account only when the mouse button is released.
  • Removing official remedies: when some official remedies were removed, PCKent's update program could encounter difficulties and be interrupted. This is now fixed.
  • Patient's portrait: under certain conditions, changes to the order of the portrait's rubrics were not saved (especially when a portrait's rubric was moved with the mouse, and the current folder was not "NEW Folder"). This is now fixed.
  • Patient's portrait: under certain conditions, a "Ctrl + Right Click" performed on one of the portrait's rubric, from the general index, could cause PCKent to switch to the remedies editing module, instead of the rubrics editing module. This happened when the mouse was above a remedy's abbreviation at the moment the mouse button was released and PCKent had switched to the rurbic's editing. From now on, the switch to the editing module is only triggered when the right mouse button is released (and no longer when it is pressed).
  • Request module: when a query contained a date parameter, and you switched from French to English (F11), the date was incorrectly converted and the displayed date was wrong (although the data remained valid internally). This is now fixed.
  • Module bar: when this bar was hidden, it was no longer possible to switch to another module using the keyboard shortcuts or the PCKent's menu. This is now fixed.
  • Submodule editing bar: using the PCKent menu to switch to another editing sub-module worked fine (at least when the module bar was visible), but the wrong sub-module button was down (the one corresponding to the previously visited editing sub-module). This is now fixed.
  • PCKent menu: when changing the language (F11), the items "Options -> Display -> Modules" and "Options -> Display -> Status bar" became unchecked, regardless of the visibility status of the modules bar and status bar. This is now fixed.
  • Remedies module, Library tab: the link of sul-ac and sul-i remedies to the "Fiches de Matière Médicale Homéopathique" book have been fixed.
  • Remedies module, Library tab: now, the initialization of the links between the remedies and the books in which they are described is done when PCKent is first launched. (As a result, it is no longer necessary to go to the library module and open a newly activated book, in order to access the description of the remedies it contains, from the "Library" tab of the remedies module).
  • Request Module: until now, it was possible to place one or more points in a query name (Ex:"Rqst 2.2. J"), which prevented PCKent from finding the query. It is no longer possible to place a point in a query name.
  • Correction of the following generalization links:
    • "MTH : SPEECH / difficult / enlarged tonsils" - link "Head-Heat-Partial" is replaced by "Throat-Enlargement-Tonsils".
    • "MTH : SPEECH / difficult / dryness" - link "Head-Congestion-warm-sun" is replaced by "Throat-Dryness-Speaking".
    • "XTH : CLOTHING" - Remplacement de "Head-Heat-Heart" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Clothing".
    • "STM : RETCHING / swallowing / agg" - Remplacement de "Head-Heat-forenoon" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Swallowing-On".
    • "STM : RETCHING / hawking" - link "Head-Heat-air-in-amel" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Clearing".
    • "LAR : CONSTRICTION / Larynx / sleep / asleep" - link "Head-Heat-Flashes-Extending" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Sleep".
    • "RES : ARRESTED / sleep / on going to" - link "Head-Heat-Flashes-Extending" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Sleep".
    • "CGH : FOREIGN body, sensation as of / Larynx / awn of barly swaying" - link "Vertigo-Syncope" is replaced by "Throat-Pain-Slinter-Awns".
  • Correction of the following opposition links:
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in" - link "Head-Heat-Extending-Back" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane".
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in / begins in" - Remplacement de "Head-Cats" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane-Extending-Nose".
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in / Posterior nares" - link "Head-Tickling" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane-Tonsils".
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in / Posterior nares" - link "Head-Tickling-Forehead" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane-Fauces".
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in / Posterior nares" - link "Head-Hair" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane-Uvula".
    • "N : DIPHTHERIA, in / Posterior nares" - link "Head-Hair-Baldness" is replaced by "Throat-Membrane-Pharynx".
    • "N : LIQUIDS come out through the nose on attempting to swallow" - link "Head-Heat-Noon" is replaced by "Throat-Choking-Swallowing-Strangles".

PCKent 2 : version 2.2.I
June 06 2016

  • Installation and Library Keys : until now, the PCKent installation key, and the unlocking library key, were based on the Windows serial number. But this serial number changes every time Windows 10 updates, making it necessary to send new keys each time. That's why the PCKent protection system evolves and becomes independant of the Windows serial number. That way, the installation key is needed only once per workstation. And the library key needs to be recalculated only when you purchase one or many new books.
    The key to the library needed to be recalculated when a PCKent update brought new books (free or paid); this is no longer the case: only the purchase of a book requires the key to the library to be recalculated.
  • Patients Records : when a date was typed on the keyboard (consultation, accident, disease, vaccination, or birth), and the year was indicated only with 2 digits, PCKent considered that it was a date of the twentieth century (thus the 08/03/12 date was automatically converted into 08/03/1912). Now, years entered using 2 digits only will be interpreted as belonging to the twenty-first century (thus 08/03/12 automatically becomes 08/03/2012). Of course, the dates entered before the present update are not changed.
  • Library : adding volume 1 of "Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica" by C. Hering - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "New Remedies" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Lesser Writings" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Clinical Cases" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Aphorisms and Precepts" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "What the Doctor Needs to Know" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : adding "Introduction to Kent's Repertory" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE).
  • Library : the French volume "Symptômes Guides de la Matière Médicale" have been completely revised: new formatting of symptoms; symbols colorization; some fixes; systematic replacement of abbreviations "g." and d." by "gauche(s)" and "droit(e)(s)" in order to facilitate researches; accented uppercases; table of contents with full names of remedies (instead of abbreviations)...
  • Rubric's Editing : the edit control allowing to search for a rubric by typing keywords now works as under the General Index: when a search is launched by pressing the Return key, the keywords are selected, and the use of the space bar does not clear this selection, but allows to add new keywords after those already present.
  • Rubric's Editing : when PCKent is in English, and the active window is the frame that allows to change the text of the selected rubric, and you press the ":" key on the keyboard, then PCKent displays the french text of the rubric. If this French text is "NOUVEAU" (the default French text for a newly created rubric), it is now automatically selected, so that you can immediately change it.
    This behavior was already functional when PCKent was in French and the English text was "NEW".


  • Patient Records : it was possible to clear the "date of consultation" field, and let it empty. In this case, the corresponding consultation was displayed as a blank line in the list of consultations, and was not necessarily detectable (especially if there was no other "visible" consultation after it). This could suggest that the consultation had disappeared. It could also generate a problem with future import...
    It is now no longer possible to leave the field "date of consultation" empty.
    In addition, the 2.2.I update looks for possible consultations which date would be null, and automatically assigns them a date of the 1900 year (so that they can be easily identified). It also records the Name + First Name + Consultation N° of the corresponding consultations in the "Analyse.txt" file.
    Import of patient records containing consultations without date is also supported (these consultations are also being assigned a date of the year 1900, and are imported only if they have not been previously).
  • Rubric's Editing : under certain conditions, the cursor could disappear from the edit control allowing to search for a rubric by typing keywords (in fact, this happened if pressing the Return key resulted in the selection of a new rubric in the editor). This issue is now resolved.
  • The display of rubrics' paths spreading over more that 8 levels, like "XTR : PAIN / STITCHING / Upper limbs / Upper arm / Bone / Condyles / External / evening", presented a problem. This is fixed now.
  • Rubric's Editing : after a search for rubrics, some results displayed very slowly (like with "tension upper", for example). This is fixed now.


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