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November 14 2017

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PCKent 2 - Update 2.2.K

November 14 2017

Dear friends,

Here is the update 2.2.K, operating under the Windows "XP" and later (on Mac, with the corresponding emulators).

This release especially fixes a critical problem, occurring when deleting a rubric having one or more opposition links.


Support us !

As always, this update is free. However, it took 16 months of hard work, 16 months without any concession, to ensure that this new version is as close as possible to your expectations, and still easy to use.
But the homeopathic world is a microcosm, and it is much more difficult to make a living that way, than developing video games, word processors, or any other type of software.

So we count on you, to support us, and allow us to continue working with the same perfectionist and idealistic spirit that has always animated us. Whatever the amount of your donation, it will be welcome. Because it will allow us to think a little less about "how to make money", and a little more about the next PCKent updates.

Click here to support us in the development of PCKent

See you soon
The whole Evidence team.


PCKent 2 - Update 2.2.J

November 01 2017

Dear friends,

The PCKent update, version 2.2.J, is now available.
It runs under Windows XP and later (on Mac with the corresponding emulators).
Here are some of the new features:

  • The queries module is enriched with a new component dedicated to the repertory's rubrics. You will be able to find all the rubrics you have edited, or search for the rubrics you have most often used in your patient folders... What's more, you can now export the results of the queries.
  • The following books have been added to the library:
    • Vol. 8 of "Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica" by C. Hering - English (FREE).
    • Vol. 1, 2 and 3 of "Doctrine et Traitement Homoeopathique des Maladies Chroniques" by S. Hahnemann - French (FREE).
  • The editing module includes an additional pane allowing to view the history of the changes made to the selected rubric.
  • Still on the editing module, the generalization / opposition link management screens include a new frame to visualize the "incoming" links (rubric A has no link to rubric B, which instead has a link to rubric A).
  • Many improvements and fixes have been implemented all over PCKent. You will find all the details on the update page, here:


Screenshots from PCKent version 2.2.J


Viewing the history of rubrics coming from a query

A query has been set up to find all the rubrics that have been created since 2000.
The result of this query is displayed at the bottom of the editing module.
The history of the changes made to the selected rubric is displayed in the middle frame.

Ranking of the most used rubrics in patient records

The results of a query searching for the most used rubrics in patient records
are displayed in the query module.



Happy New Year 2017

January 04 2017

Dear friends,

The Evidence team wishes you a Happy 2017.

The development of PCKent follows its course: new digital books have been integrated, important functionalities have been put in place in the editing module to better manage the generalization and opposition links, as well as the deletion of repertory rubrics. We are now working on repertory queries...

See you soon for version 2.2.J.

PCKent 2 - Update 2.2.I

June 06 2016

Dear friends,

PCKent version 2.2.I is now available.
It runs under Windows XP and later (on Mac with the corresponding emulators).

Here are the new features:

  • New English free books have been added :
    • Volume 1 of "Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica" by C. Hering - English (FREE)
    • "Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE)
    • "New Remedies" by J.T. Kent - English (FREE)
    • "Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
    • "Lesser Writings" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
    • "Clinical Cases" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
    • "Aphorisms and Precepts" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
    • "What the Doctor Needs to Know" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
    • "Introduction to Kent's Repertory" by J.T. Kent (FREE)
  • French volumes "Symptômes Guides de la Matière Médicale" have been completely revised.
  • New management of the installation and library unlock key (which eliminates the need to recalculate these keys each time Windows 10 updates).
  • Several improvements of the rubrics editing.
  • A modification of the dates of consultation management, in the patient records.
  • Fixed various bugs.


The next update is scheduled for next year.
It will contain the queries on rubrics; support tools to removing rubrics; new books...

See you soon

The Evidence team.

Welcome to PCKent's website

 September 25 2015

PCKent, our homeopathic decision support software,
finally available in English.

Come in, and discover its features.




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