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Homeopathic decision support software

With 30 years of development experience, PCKent opens the door to repertorial work: search for symptoms as easily as with a search engine, then use our powerful analysis tool to find the most appropriate remedies.

As of the Light version, enjoy an intuitive interface that will quickly guide you to the most relevant remedies.

With the Silver version, go deeper into the analysis of your cases by using options that will allow you to fine-tune your search criteria, or to generalize the symptoms that seem to limit you in your choices...
Consult a more extensive library, including some of the great classics of homeopathic literature.
You can create up to thirty folders, each of which can store up to 10 repertory works.

The Gold version allows you to explore new horizons.
It becomes possible to display the symptoms which enable to confront remedies: for example, if you hesitate between Phosphorus and Nux Vomica, PCKent will inform you that consolation will generally improve the state of the former, while it will tend to worsen the state of the latter.
In addition, the access to the editing module enables you to enrich the dictionary, the symptoms of the repertory, or the list of remedies.

With the Black version, there are no limits.
You simply create as many folders as you need.
You are able to edit the generalization and opposition links of the rubrics.
You can even modify the properties of the remedies.
The query module becomes accessible and offers you new perspectives of research and analysis.
And the entire free library is available to you.


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